Wow…Where do I start???? We’ve not only moved, but we’ve moved in with my parents. I don’t know where we would be without our family. We are so grateful to them. Tim still hasn’t found a job yet, but we are both very much at peace where the Lord has us right now. In the midst of hardship we have seen many rainbows….promises of Hope, and of the knowledge of Who holds our future.

Callie has adjusted well to everything. The girl is getting more love and attention than she knows what to do with. Pure giggles and lots of smiles fill her day. She’s waving bye, climbing stairs, dancing to mary poppins and in a little less than three weeks my baby will be turning one. I know every mother says this, but it rings so true: Time has flown by so quickly…I just can’t believe it has been a whole year already. I truly LOVE being a mother. She is a beautiful, wonderfully silly daily reminder of God’s love.  I am so very blessed.

The rain is pittering on the rooftop as I write this blog….I’m pretty sure I would be ok with it raining every night 🙂 Where is my tin roof? Hopefully one day….