My baby is turning one in three days. As much as I read, and studied and tried to learn the basics of good parenting, nothing prepared me for what was in store. I have been stretched and tried, tested and pulled in ways I would have never thought possible. My sweet baby girl is such a beautiful mystery, and I feel so much pressure to be a “good” parent, and then it happens. She giggles and crinkles up her nose and looks up at me with the huge deep blue eyes and I know that more than anything this little girl simply needs to be loved. She needs me to love her the best that I can every day. She needs me to love her with everything I have inside of me, and all the rest will fall into place. I love that I was created for this. Created to love wholly, to teach and not control, to be instruments in showing God’s love, grace, mercy, faith, and hope. I love that I have had to learn to sew out of necessity and have really come to love it. Some of my most favorite moments have come in the middle of the night when it is only my arms, or my voice that will pacify her. I love being depended on, and I love being a mom…specifically Callie’s mom. God knew what He was doing by giving us each other. What is even more amazing to think about is that right now, I believe that God is just beaming at His children. That His heart swells with pride and love when we look up at him smiling, and simply needing Him and His love…

This week will be filled with cutting out A LOT of circles (we are doing a polka dot theme, and a lot of construction and felt will be cut in the process!), some last minute sewing, baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating, and so much more. Here is the picture of the tutu that my mother in law made for her to wear to her party. Isn’t it precious????

I made her a little t-shirt that has the word ONE spelled out on it with fabric that I had cut out. It’s so big on her, but it was the smallest size I could find….lesson #3857 not everything has to be perfect :)…..

The toole on the skirt kept coming up in the back and tickling her neck. She kept looking behind her very annoyed to not know what or where the tickling was coming from… πŸ™‚ haha

Recently Callie has really come to love screaming. She won’t be mad or upset. She simply enjoys hearing herself get very loud. This next picture was taken after one of her rice and bean lunches…you know…the type of lunch where a bath must follow immediately after. πŸ™‚

and with that I bid you all goodnight.