Callie Jo can say chicken, duck, dog, outside, tree, mama, daddy, three. hi, wow, ohhhh, what’s that…She knows how to shake her head yes and no although it usually throws her a little off balance. She knows that a duck says “kack, kack” and a dog says “oooff”. When you say TOUCHDOWN she throws her hands in the air and screams “yaaaaaa”… She loves sitting by her bookshelf and looking at her books. She’s learning how to pretend. Taking a drink or eating some “food” with her new little kitchen utensils is usually followed by a  “uuummm” all the while licking her lips VERY dramatically. Callie loves wearing hats, and still sleeps with her blankie. Her sweet little hands pat your back or face “tenderly” and she is known to give lots of hugs and wet kisses. She’s is very deliberatly stubborn and so beautifully intelligent. She has recently learned how to frown, but it is quickly followed up by the cutest, widest grin you have ever seen. It’s amazing watching her figure things out… She will stand for long periods of time to try and figure out how the car seat or high chair buckles. She loves her rocking horse and lays her head on his saddle petting his side. She also enjoys riding with no hands wearing her cowgirl hat that hasn’t fit her in 6 months. Her veggie tale movies are still her favorite BY FAR, but Peter Pan has recently become a big hit. Callie is a goofy, loud, silly, beautiful, crazy little weirdo and i’m so proud and blessed to call her my daughter.

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