Wasn’t it yesterday I found out I was pregnant? The most wonderful of all Valentines gifts was finding out I was going to be a mama, and now my baby is on the verge of being two years old.

Callie Jo slept in a big girl bed for the first time last night. We had a little bit of a struggle in the beginning. She kept crying for me and to go to our room. I decided to lay down next to her and sing to her like I used to do when she was an infant. Worked like a charm…maybe she remembered the songs (“Stay Awake ” from Mary Poppins, Eddy Arnold’s “Daddy’s Little Girl” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”)??  At any rate, my big girl slept the entire night through. Proud mama moment! (:

My sweet angel is a bundle of content joy. She is much more interested in the mechanics and the process of something than the actual task or object. She would LIVE outside if I would allow it. Anything that has to do with water or rocks makes my child squeal with joy. I know…rocks? Its true though…she will lay amongst them and hug as many as she can gather.
Callie is talking very clearly and has a wide range of words in her vocabulary …two of the cutest being “pas-ta” and “sissippi” ( Mississippi ). She is constantly climbing, moving, talking, or singing. She loves playing the “toot toot” (trumpet) with her daddy. She is quite the polite child. ” Callie would You like to take a nap now?” “No thank you” is her usual response.  She is constantly making my heart smile and I love her so. 
I realize to some these particular posts may seem a bit rambling, but for a nostalgic mama they are a way to remember the little moments that pass so quickly, and so I remember….

P.s. I forgot about this draft and So its a little late. (: Callie is officially two now and I will be sure to blog about her new accomplishments soon!