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A Day of Love

Yesterday could not have not have been more perfect. It really was such a relaxing, and fun family day. Callie and I started off our morning with coffee and donuts and then headed to a few stores to look for a camera case for my new camera the family got me for my birthday (Canon powershot SX30 IS – L.O.V.E. IT! ) We stayed at Hastings a little longer than normal so my sweet girl could play with the Thomas train tracks they have set up in the children’s reading area….hello free entertainment 🙂  Next we made our way to the park. It was such a beautiful day and I really have to start overcoming my “fear” of being out alone with just Callie (i.e. going on walks, the park, etc…). We played and played for a long while and I was able to get some practice with the new camera.

My baby was WORN OUT by the time we finished up so we picked up Chik-fil-a and ate lunch watching Peter Pan at the house. She took a good 3 hour nap while I decorated the dining table and wrapped a few little gifts for later that evening.  Tim was able to get off work early and we enjoyed a lovely dinner with leftover birthday german chocolate cake for dessert. We read Dr. Seuss and just enjoyed our being together. It was so lovely. These days are limited with us just being three, and as much as we are looking forward to the addition of a new little one, I can’t help but want to soak up all these “just us and Callie” moments.

We tucked our daughter in bed, and left the room feeling so very blessed to be her parents and to have each other. A few minutes later I hear over the monitor: “Mommy! Mommy! MAAAMMMA!”  I hurry back into her room to check on her and find her sitting up in her bed. “More kisses please” she says with her lips all puckered up. Anytime baby…even if you are up an hour past your bedtime because of Valentine’s chocolates 😉


bluebonnets and rubberboots

There aren’t many things more “Texan” than our Bluebonnets. I wanted so badly to have a family picture taken with a sea of blue surrounding us. It’s what every good little Texas Momma dreams of. Last year, busy schedules stole that dream. This year…it almost happened again….until today…well, kinda.  As we drove out of the driveway this morning my prayers were that it wouldn’t rain, and that Callie Jo would enjoy herself so we’d be able to get some good pictures. Boy did we ever get pictures! Here are just a few of the moments captured that day, and even though we weren’t able to get a family picture these will definately tide me over until next year….

charts, m&m’s, stickers, and lysol…

It’s potty time in our house. Oh that cute little pink potty….how it causes so much frustration and mess is beyond me. I’m not really sure what prompted me to start all this. Maybe it was the fact that Callie is finally in a size 4 diaper and you get like twenty diapers less for the same price. Maybe it was the fact that Little Bit is now starting to realize that she would much rather play or run or twirl than have her diaper changed and has decided that kicking is the best defense. At any rate, despite the fact that she still wakes up in the morning with a wet diaper, she is able to keep her diaper dry for long periods of time during the day so I thought we should give it a shot. Today wasn’t too bad for a day one. We only had two accidents…one on the floor while she was running around bare bottomed and the other in her panties while I had to put the dog in the kennel. By the end of this evening, Callie was shaking her head no when I asked her if she needed to go, but altogether she was pretty good natured about sitting on her potty so much today.  I decided to keep a diaper on her for naps and for bedtime although I’ve read that I should just let her make a mess to speed up the process. I’ve got so many different ideas running around in my head from book, blogs, or family that ironically I feel a little lost. A part of me does want things to go well because I tend to care about what people think, and I want to be a good momma. I think I’ve concluded that maybe I’ll just have to wing it and go with the flow…haha sorry 🙂 You’ve got to love a good pun…well…I suppose you don’t HAVE to…but I do. I thank my Grandpa and Dad for that. I’m hopeful that tomorrow will bring new milestones, but if it doesn’t I’ll still have this…

and I’m completely ok with that.

i think i can…i think i can….

My baby is turning one in three days. As much as I read, and studied and tried to learn the basics of good parenting, nothing prepared me for what was in store. I have been stretched and tried, tested and pulled in ways I would have never thought possible. My sweet baby girl is such a beautiful mystery, and I feel so much pressure to be a “good” parent, and then it happens. She giggles and crinkles up her nose and looks up at me with the huge deep blue eyes and I know that more than anything this little girl simply needs to be loved. She needs me to love her the best that I can every day. She needs me to love her with everything I have inside of me, and all the rest will fall into place. I love that I was created for this. Created to love wholly, to teach and not control, to be instruments in showing God’s love, grace, mercy, faith, and hope. I love that I have had to learn to sew out of necessity and have really come to love it. Some of my most favorite moments have come in the middle of the night when it is only my arms, or my voice that will pacify her. I love being depended on, and I love being a mom…specifically Callie’s mom. God knew what He was doing by giving us each other. What is even more amazing to think about is that right now, I believe that God is just beaming at His children. That His heart swells with pride and love when we look up at him smiling, and simply needing Him and His love…

This week will be filled with cutting out A LOT of circles (we are doing a polka dot theme, and a lot of construction and felt will be cut in the process!), some last minute sewing, baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating, and so much more. Here is the picture of the tutu that my mother in law made for her to wear to her party. Isn’t it precious????

I made her a little t-shirt that has the word ONE spelled out on it with fabric that I had cut out. It’s so big on her, but it was the smallest size I could find….lesson #3857 not everything has to be perfect :)…..

The toole on the skirt kept coming up in the back and tickling her neck. She kept looking behind her very annoyed to not know what or where the tickling was coming from… 🙂 haha

Recently Callie has really come to love screaming. She won’t be mad or upset. She simply enjoys hearing herself get very loud. This next picture was taken after one of her rice and bean lunches…you know…the type of lunch where a bath must follow immediately after. 🙂

and with that I bid you all goodnight.

“upon us all a little rain must fall…”

Our first “cool” front has officially hit the Houston area. It didn’t last long, but it was so nice while it lasted. Joining the cooler weather was a weekend of rain, and I LOVE the rain. I know that it may be silly because to most people the rain is seen as dreary, grey, and wet…a hassle to drive to work in, and a pain to bring groceries into to the house during…but I genuinly love it when it rains. I love to hold Callie up to the window or out on the back porch and watch the world get wet. I love the sound it makes on the roof especially if i’m lucky to be lying in bed at the time. I love the way it makes the trees, and flowers twinkle. I love the smell in the air before the rain comes, and the rumbling in the clouds to announce it’s arrival. Sometimes…just sometimes when I am having a hard day, and it happens to start raining, I think that maybe God opened up the skies just for me. Maybe He enjoys seeing me smile….

Today during another one of our wet and wonderful days, I was able to sew. I’ve been trying to sew as much as possible for practice so as not to make so many mistakes…mistakes that take forever to correct. This is my latest creation which is for baby girl of course. I’m not completely happy with it. The lace isn’t laying right on one of the straps and I also didn’t have enough lace to go all the way around the dress. Where it stops and starts looks a little strange. I suppose this can just be a play dress for now, or maybe I can figure out a way to fix it. At any rate, here are a few pictures. I still have to sew on the buttons. The ones in the picture are just pinned on. I’m not sure these are the style I want to go with. Let me know what you think.



Gnight friends…

are we there yet?

Wow…Where do I start???? We’ve not only moved, but we’ve moved in with my parents. I don’t know where we would be without our family. We are so grateful to them. Tim still hasn’t found a job yet, but we are both very much at peace where the Lord has us right now. In the midst of hardship we have seen many rainbows….promises of Hope, and of the knowledge of Who holds our future.

Callie has adjusted well to everything. The girl is getting more love and attention than she knows what to do with. Pure giggles and lots of smiles fill her day. She’s waving bye, climbing stairs, dancing to mary poppins and in a little less than three weeks my baby will be turning one. I know every mother says this, but it rings so true: Time has flown by so quickly…I just can’t believe it has been a whole year already. I truly LOVE being a mother. She is a beautiful, wonderfully silly daily reminder of God’s love.  I am so very blessed.

The rain is pittering on the rooftop as I write this blog….I’m pretty sure I would be ok with it raining every night 🙂 Where is my tin roof? Hopefully one day….